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Greg Smith

Greg Smith's Shorecliff Creative specializes in music production and audio mastering. Based in beautiful Laguna Beach California, my passion is helping musicians and digital content creators achieve their artistic vision for their music projects. 


Thanks to retiring early after a successful Enterprise Software career, I now donate my time and studio to bring creative music projects to life - at no-cost to the artist!


Passionate about everything audio, I've been involved in music and music technology most of my life. I embarked on my audio production path back in the era of reel-to-reel multitrack recording, when I wrote custom software for a commercial recording studio, recorded demos for local bands and produced TV/Radio jingles while completing my college degree.

N-Tension is my ongoing studio project of original pop/rock/electronic  music featuring an eclectic cast of contributing artists. I am a guitarist and since 2004 have performed throughout Southern California with local 80's cover band Members Lonely.

Shorecliff Studio

A laid-back beach vibe fosters artist creativity in the "tiny but mighty" Shorecliff Studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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World-Class Gear

Shorecliff is a modern digital project studio with analog where it matters most - world-class analog preamps/mics for tracking, and an analog stereo master bus chain. 

Analog Preamps:

  • Neve Shelford 5052 (pair) - exact ones used in the large-format Neve 5088 console

  • Neve 517

  • Avedis MA5

  • Burl B1

  • Elysia Skulpter

  • Maag PreQ4

Analog Master Bus Chain:

  • Neve 511 Preamps

  • Pope Audio BAX 2020 "Beast" EQs

  • Serpent SB4001 SSL-style Bus Compressor


  • LDC: Neumann U87Ai, U47 FET, TLM 49, Lauten FC-387, AKG C414, Miktek CV4, AT4033

  • SDC: Neumann KM184 (pair), Miktek C5 (pair), AT4041 (pair), AT4021

  • Ribbon: Coles 4038 (pair)

  • Dynamic: SM7B, Beyerdynamic M201

Other Gear:

  • Universal Audio Apollo x8p recording interface

  • Dynaudio studio monitors with B&W sub

  • Apple Logic DAW with 900+ Plugins including Acon, Apple, Arturia, AudioThing, Boz Digital, Celemony, Eventide, FabFilter, iZotope, Kazrog, KIT, Line 6, LiquidSonics, McDSP, Moog, Native Instruments, NoiseAsh, oeksound, Overloud, Plugin Alliance, PositiveGrid, Pulsar, Purafied, Relab, Serato, Slate Digital, Softube, sonible, Sonnox, Soundtoys, Spitfire, SSL, Steven Slate, Tone Empire, Toontrack, Universal Audio, Valhalla, Waves, Wavesfactory

  • Line 6 Helix guitar modeler with custom "mix-ready" tones

  • Arturia MIDI keyboard controller

  • Acoustic Guitars - Taylor 612ce, Taylor 810

  • Electric Guitars - Fender, Gibson, PRS

  • Bass Guitars - Fender, Dingwall

  • Acoustic treatments by Acoustics America

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